Nice to meet ya. I'm Joe, a student currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto and passionate about electronics, code, and solving real-world problems.

I have experience in embedded systems, entrepreneurship, and software development, with current interests including low-power design, IoT, and RF. Some current and past projects can be seen here.

Some more about me:

  • I currently live in Toronto, Canada
  • I mainly code in Python , but dabble in C/C++, Java , TypeScript , and HTML/CSS/JS
  • I have a home server (used to be a DL380 G7, now just a PC) running Proxmox, virtualizing my OPNsense router, Pi-Hole DNS/adblocker, TrueNAS 88TB NAS, Tor relays, and a Nginx reverse proxy
  • I am lucky to have a 8G/8G fiber uplink from Bell, which I use as an excuse to play with 10G/40G network gear
  • I play EVE Online, Tetris, Minecraft, Space Engineers, and recently Warthunder